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If you love hot sauce as much as I do you’ve come to the right place. I’m Uncle Daddy and this here’s my site – glad you found it. I put this together for pepper heads that are looking for anything and everything to do with chili peppers and stuff you can make with'em. A one-stop shop for anything that’l make you sweat, short of a workout.

If you like to make hot sauce or maybe you want to learn how to make it, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the KILLER recipes, information about hot peppers, and my favorite places to buy sauces and pepper head gifts. If you want to know the best ones to buy look at the ratings and reviews, too.

Best of all, I get to meet other crazy "pepper afficianados" like you! I want to know about YOUR favorite capsaicin loaded concoctions so there’s lots of places where you can share your “pepper love” too!

Now if Tabasco® or Frank’s® Red Hot® is your idea of heaven, well… that’s a good place to start, but boy are you in for a surprise! There’s a whole other world of peppery wickedness out there. Some people want something hot enough to kill their chihuahua, some want the best flavor, others are looking for a garlic fix or maybe some exotic pepper sauce from a far away land. There are a crap ton of them out there and if you're like Uncle Daddy – you like’em all and want to collect them!

Anyway, I hope you like my ginormous "island" of spicy goodness. I also hope that you’ll help me add to it. There’s lots of places where you can add your input. And, if you halfway know what you are talking about (more than me anyway) you can even be an editor for one of the sections of the site.

Thanks for stopping by,

Uncle Daddy

Hot Sauce Recipes
Hot sauce recipes - Habanero, Caribbean style, Mexican hot sauce
Capsaicin - The stuff that makes peppers hot!
Capsaicin - The stuff that makes peppers hot. Other uses for capsaicin are discussed as well.
Chili Peppers
Information about common chili peppers used for hot sauce and cooking.
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