Delicious Chili Peppers

Hanging Chili Pepper Sculpture

Photo Credit: Timothy K Hamilton

Here's Uncle Daddy's big webpage on chili peppers. There are well over a thousand varieties of peppers. Some are mild, some hot, and some are just "stoopid" hot!

Now most folks just like the taste and heat of hot sauce, but did you ever wonder why the peppers were hot in the first place? Well, it could be an evolutionary trait that helps hot peppers survive.

You see hot pepper seeds are mainly spread around by birds that eat the peppers (and the seeds) and then drop the seeds all over when they you know what! The chemical that makes peppers hot is called capsaicin. This chemical has no effect on birds, but it does have a "hot" effect on humans and animals.

Most animals won't eat hot peppers which is good for the peppers because their molars and digestive tracts are bad for the seeds. So the hotter the pepper is, the more likely the animals are to stay away so that it can be eaten by a bird that will spread the seeds around.

And you thought you could never learn somethin from a guy named Uncle Daddy!

Now, I don't have enought room to cover all the chillis, so I'll just cover some of the ones most commonly used for hot sauce and cooking.


Bhut Jolokia or Naga Jolokia

Red Savina habanero


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