Louisiana Hot Sauce

Tabasco Sauce Frank's RedHot Trappey's Hot Sauce Crystal hot sauce Texas Pete Hot Sauce

Louisiana hot sauce typically contains red chili peppers, vinegar, and salt. Tabasco and cayenne peppers are the most popular for this style of sauce. Occasionally xanthan gum or other thickeners are used. Water may be used to thin the sauce for pourability or to reduce the cost of the product.

Louisiana style is the best selling type of hot sauce in America. Now whether it's the best tasting style or not is a whole 'nuther argument! All Uncle Daddy is sayin is that it's the best selling style in the US.

The popularity of Louisiana style sauces is due primarily to the big sales figures racked up by long established brands like Tabasco and Frank's Redhot - the number one and number two hot sauce brands in the US, respectively.

Other popular brands include Crystal, Texas Pete, Trappey's, and of course "Louisiana" brand hot sauce.

Common misspellings include "Louisana hot sauce" and "Louisianna hot sauce" - added here to help you locate this page. Hey - who is Uncle Daddy to criticize a fellow hot sauce lover's spelling anyway?

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